Tuesday, October 27, 2009


For the last couple of days (or weeks) I haven't really interact to people that much, except some class mates (fashion classes) and indo friends online. Yes, I'm on the edge into the anti-social world. Well, maybe I exaggerated that, but here's the thing: fashion classes really take your time, like a lot. It almost left me no time for social life.

Let me break it down; last week alone I spent average 10 hours at school, which for me a new thing, (well I never done that in high school or wtv) and sometimes stayed at the fashion lab until midnight. It's crazy, I'm losing sleep and uber-exhausted.

Last Friday, I was like a mad person, walking around Newbury street to do some window shopping after class. It's so sad but pretty relieving, cause after a week of torture, I can tasted a bit of freedom.

This week is no different, with two tests for Wednesday, portfolios due on next couple of weeks (need a lot of attention this one) and.. some sketch works, and design projects due Nov 13, I don't think I can be social for a very long time. I need vacation.

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