Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thanks, Weather!

Yep. This climate change just f***ed me up, right in the throat (and nose). It's been 3 days now that I feel ill, and I just need to get rest. But alas, I can't. Too many assignments and important things to do for me to just leave em for a while: design 1 garment due next Friday (got the laces!), Tests on Mondays (History & Math) and basically the next whole week will be bombarded by midterm tests and my condition 'really helps' me a lot.

Speaking of weather, the coldness comes early. Last year I remember it wasn't cold until early november. This make me sick! (literally, and I heard tomorrow's gonna snow! ouch). I really need vacation but I just can't think one. Btw, lack of internet drives me crazy lately. The internet in Malden is free no more (And I can only access it in the lounge area, which of course no privacy at all). So as I said before (in my last 3 posts), this week pretty suck.

There's still bright sides though, I was granted second chance in History classes which, for me, is huge. I can regain trusts to the people and show that I can fix this. Also, fall means new fashion! and I'm eyeing some stuff at Marc! I wish I have time off. Oh! the Spring 2010 Collections also held last month and I will post my top favorites!

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