Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So Long My Watch

I just lost my watch like 2 days ago, and i sucked hard. This is my second loss after my first lost (Sidekick in September last year). I have this kinda Phantom Limb effect on me, I feel like I still have it on my wrist but it's not there anymore. This week was pretty sucked.

Another update about suckness is my History of Costume class. Gosh, I missed my second test, I've prepared so much last night - I studied the names and photos - just to found out I was so late came into class room. I hate the fact that I didn't really thought about the times this morning and also, I missed the T.

I just wish I can get over this situation real fast.


Ingrid said...

so sorry about your loss..

are you having the guest issues? have you talked it over? gosh i haven't talk to in for a long time already.. btw i'm having this weird fever which comes and goes which is making me very ill at one point of the day and vanishes at another, it's scaring me shitless but what to do leh? i saw a doctor and he told me panas dalem, fuck lah.

you take care there ok? see you in our next chance online!

Damien said...

u know what! i got sick too! i have this for like 2 days already.

I talked about the guests issue. no guests on Thursday (cuz it's gona be my busiest day ever, working on garments, homeworks and ofcourse, Project Runway).

anyway, get better soon !! :D