Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nights To Remember

Last Saturday was pretty major for me; i and friends went to Four Seasons to attend a dinner and a speech from - get this - no. 1 man in Indonesia, a.k.a. Mr. President SBY. He's here because of the G20 Summit and also his son enrolled in Harvard, I think. Before we get into the highlight of the day, let's talk about the "dinner". I put the quotes because it's not exactly what I had in mind; the food as not good, almost flavorless. Oh, the guests were hot too. So many branded bags and killer shoes totting around the room, It was like soiree of a socialite.

Anyway, the speech was nice that he talked about Indo's economy, and also he addressed about Malay-Indo situation, which he handled gracefully. I never been so proud of my country until last weekend. So, It was a great night overall. But sadly I couldn't have a picture with him, he entered the room last and exited first, before everyone exits (and he's obviously guarded, so). It's a fun night. However, I forgot to mention that, not all the people put in the same room, there's an additional room next door installed with TV streaming live of him speaking from the other room. So I didn't really see him in person, except when he walked out the door. Pathetic? yes.

Talking about a night to remember, I had this talk with an old friend which for me a relief because it's been a burden for a while. We did talked it through and it wasn't easy. I said I need this to be refreshed completly - means we have to talked about every pain and let it go and then move forward. It worked on me and glad I did it.

Another night to remember was actually last night. I spoke to mom for a while, and it's been so long since I talked to her that candid. I talked everything about what happen to me recently and she did opened my mind once again. I kinda lost faith along the way, but now I kind of get my faith back. So I think last night conversation was pretty powerful and I see myself and life in a different way. So many things happen lately and I think I was overwhelmed, more or less, and needed a guidance. So thankful for her.

I believe there'll be so many things happen to me bad or good, I'll just never know when. Just need to be prepared.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MIXER October '09: Adam Lambert

I've been planning to put Adam on the cover since I heard his performance of "Track of My Tears" which moved me so much. I felt the emotion of the song and I kinda clicked with it. Besides, I like his flamboyant style on Idol stage - which gave Idol a much-needed extra 'kick'. I think he's the first idol contestant that makes me excited & wanting for more. To this day I still think that Adam Lambert is the real winner.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

This fall is definitely brings something new for me, from new classes to new apartment, new friends and some new adjustments that have to be made. So, almost everything is brand new and it's exciting in a way, but also makes me nervous.

So far, the classes have been great. Of course bad habit die hard, I couldn't help but skipped the first day of class (Sept 8) and last Monday, but I managed to got up at 7.50 for my 9 am Friday class (which I despise, despite the nice professor who teach us). But I mostly excited for my French Draping class; we were assigned to create a 3-piece collection and it was exciting. I couldn't scan the pictures yet, 'cause it hasn't perfected yet. The collection's gonna be a bit cliche (but very fall season-ish): it's gonna be dark and romantic.

I also surprisingly rediscovering Lady Gaga. I had her album last year, but until 2009, I started to hear her music on a heavy rotation. I love "Paparazzi" so much since the beginning and my love of it comes in full circle when she delivered the most exciting performance of the year at VMA last week. So great! And also, I became a fan of Kathy Griffin. After I watched her stand-up specials and all 5 seasons of 'D-List' I'm instantly in love with her. She has this sarcasm and sometimes snarky jokes toward celebrities, but I think she's just our inner-self that most of us afraid to let go of. Unlike normal people do (I mean when it comes to express our opinions), she's like talk about things honestly and brutally-deathly honest about it. That's why it's fun to watch her. Btw, I'm reading her new 'memoir', "Official Book Club Selection" which title referencing Oprah's book club. Genius!

I want to say thay this week's been fun, but exhausting. My body can't compromise with it, somehow it feels like I'm 57 year-old guy trapped in a 21 year-old body (with 12 year-old minds stuck in it). I really need to keep up with the 18 year olds right now. Maybe learn a thing or two from the 'Kardashians'.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Stars Align

This week has been exciting despite the mellow weekend I have been experiencing (thanks to the weather, now I'm not feeling well). The classes have been great so far, met up with classmates (i called em personally as my extended sisters) and also the new Indonesian friends. So it's been a fun week.

So.. I just watched the VMA 2009 and! I must say it was the craziest show so far! (lebay). Well let's break it down of what's the highlights of the show:

- MJ tribute was awesome for an opening number and Janet just simply killed it when she performed a dance sequence ("Scream") with her late brother on screen behind her.

- Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift when she was accepting her Best Female Video award. It's just sad to be completely honest. Kanye used to be cool but now he just a tool. However, I agree Beyonce deserves the award more, but hey it was fan voted awards. Btw, Beyonce's reaction shot was priceless.

- Lady Gaga. Well, the most awesomest yet her most gruesome performance ever of "Paparazzi". It was crazy! referencing "Phantom of the Opera", the chandelier, the thong, the blood!? U have to see to believe.

- P!nk & Shakira wore the exact same Balmain Fall '09 leather minidress. I love it! despite it would be called as "oops" moment. Btw, P!nk's performance was gutsy! so exciting - singing while doin' trapeze? awesome.

- Beyonce's winning Video Of The Year. She's so gracious that she called Taylor to give her a second chance to have "her moment" which was robbed by Kanye. So humble that lady.

So there you go. I love every minute of this year's VMA. It was grand, it was different. It was starry. Goodnight!

Shout out to my sister: Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Happy Nine, Nine, O Nine, everybody!

I feel like it's sorta a 'duty' to post an entry on this date; not only because it the single digits date, but I also started my first day in this fall semester and it's exciting day. I met my classmates from the past 2 semesters and it felt good to see 'em around (ah.. feels like home).

I'm super excited for this semester for no reason. But i wish that this semester is gonna be 'my semester' and i want to get it together this time. Last semester was rough (on fashion classes), and now I'm ready for the draping class. I think another factor that makes this semester exciting, is perhaps, by moving to a better place (Malden) really recharged your own being. Interesting fact, 10 years today was the date that people thought it was gonna be an end of days (09.09.1999)

So far so good right here in Boston and I really want my family to come and enjoy this together (preferably with my dawgs). So anyway, happy back to school day & hopefully the triple 9 will brings u luck.

Friday, September 4, 2009

From Jersey To City

Last Saturday I visited a friend, Rani, who I haven't seen her since last Spring break. She's kinda my best bud right here in States, just 'cause she's my classmate back in the day. Anyway, we made 5 videos! and it was a very fun couple days. Over there, I unleashed my biggest appetite yet; went to Qdoba, Jamba Juice etc. and I felt sorta horrible. Regardless, my visits there was very nice! I stayed at her new apartment and it was very nice of her to let me (once again) stayed over her house. To be honest, I like going to NJ once in a while, but I just hate the long trip - 5 hours bus trip, continued with 45 minutes of NJ transit. It's exhausting.

And then.. after 3 days in NJ, I visited NYC briefly (before going back to Boston), and decided to go to SoHo. After a little-confusing trip, I arrived at the Canal St. station and sorta lost. Then I found Prince St. and the next thing I know, I got excited; I saw a lot of stores, and I saw some of the familiar SoHo stores. I was already in SoHo area, I just didn't realize it. So I looked for a MUJI store (my bro asked me to buy a knitted cap there) and I'm so excited to check the area out (I wanted to check out Topman NYC). SoHo is like, a meltin' pot of individuals; there's girls with Cali styles, the indie guys, the uber metrosexuals (men), the rich-high socialite women, and some of the artists kinda people. So it's exciting. I saw alot of models too, walking around SoHo with their portfolios in their arms - I just realized then that Fashion Week is gonna be held in less than 2 weeks.

Now I realize how much I attracted to NY life, at first I was thinking that West coast life will fits me more, but now I'm really attracted with the NYC's exciting, colorful energy - and hopefully, NYFIT Fall 2010!