Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Happy Nine, Nine, O Nine, everybody!

I feel like it's sorta a 'duty' to post an entry on this date; not only because it the single digits date, but I also started my first day in this fall semester and it's exciting day. I met my classmates from the past 2 semesters and it felt good to see 'em around (ah.. feels like home).

I'm super excited for this semester for no reason. But i wish that this semester is gonna be 'my semester' and i want to get it together this time. Last semester was rough (on fashion classes), and now I'm ready for the draping class. I think another factor that makes this semester exciting, is perhaps, by moving to a better place (Malden) really recharged your own being. Interesting fact, 10 years today was the date that people thought it was gonna be an end of days (09.09.1999)

So far so good right here in Boston and I really want my family to come and enjoy this together (preferably with my dawgs). So anyway, happy back to school day & hopefully the triple 9 will brings u luck.

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