Saturday, September 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

This fall is definitely brings something new for me, from new classes to new apartment, new friends and some new adjustments that have to be made. So, almost everything is brand new and it's exciting in a way, but also makes me nervous.

So far, the classes have been great. Of course bad habit die hard, I couldn't help but skipped the first day of class (Sept 8) and last Monday, but I managed to got up at 7.50 for my 9 am Friday class (which I despise, despite the nice professor who teach us). But I mostly excited for my French Draping class; we were assigned to create a 3-piece collection and it was exciting. I couldn't scan the pictures yet, 'cause it hasn't perfected yet. The collection's gonna be a bit cliche (but very fall season-ish): it's gonna be dark and romantic.

I also surprisingly rediscovering Lady Gaga. I had her album last year, but until 2009, I started to hear her music on a heavy rotation. I love "Paparazzi" so much since the beginning and my love of it comes in full circle when she delivered the most exciting performance of the year at VMA last week. So great! And also, I became a fan of Kathy Griffin. After I watched her stand-up specials and all 5 seasons of 'D-List' I'm instantly in love with her. She has this sarcasm and sometimes snarky jokes toward celebrities, but I think she's just our inner-self that most of us afraid to let go of. Unlike normal people do (I mean when it comes to express our opinions), she's like talk about things honestly and brutally-deathly honest about it. That's why it's fun to watch her. Btw, I'm reading her new 'memoir', "Official Book Club Selection" which title referencing Oprah's book club. Genius!

I want to say thay this week's been fun, but exhausting. My body can't compromise with it, somehow it feels like I'm 57 year-old guy trapped in a 21 year-old body (with 12 year-old minds stuck in it). I really need to keep up with the 18 year olds right now. Maybe learn a thing or two from the 'Kardashians'.

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