Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Stars Align

This week has been exciting despite the mellow weekend I have been experiencing (thanks to the weather, now I'm not feeling well). The classes have been great so far, met up with classmates (i called em personally as my extended sisters) and also the new Indonesian friends. So it's been a fun week.

So.. I just watched the VMA 2009 and! I must say it was the craziest show so far! (lebay). Well let's break it down of what's the highlights of the show:

- MJ tribute was awesome for an opening number and Janet just simply killed it when she performed a dance sequence ("Scream") with her late brother on screen behind her.

- Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift when she was accepting her Best Female Video award. It's just sad to be completely honest. Kanye used to be cool but now he just a tool. However, I agree Beyonce deserves the award more, but hey it was fan voted awards. Btw, Beyonce's reaction shot was priceless.

- Lady Gaga. Well, the most awesomest yet her most gruesome performance ever of "Paparazzi". It was crazy! referencing "Phantom of the Opera", the chandelier, the thong, the blood!? U have to see to believe.

- P!nk & Shakira wore the exact same Balmain Fall '09 leather minidress. I love it! despite it would be called as "oops" moment. Btw, P!nk's performance was gutsy! so exciting - singing while doin' trapeze? awesome.

- Beyonce's winning Video Of The Year. She's so gracious that she called Taylor to give her a second chance to have "her moment" which was robbed by Kanye. So humble that lady.

So there you go. I love every minute of this year's VMA. It was grand, it was different. It was starry. Goodnight!

Shout out to my sister: Happy Birthday!

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