Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nights To Remember

Last Saturday was pretty major for me; i and friends went to Four Seasons to attend a dinner and a speech from - get this - no. 1 man in Indonesia, a.k.a. Mr. President SBY. He's here because of the G20 Summit and also his son enrolled in Harvard, I think. Before we get into the highlight of the day, let's talk about the "dinner". I put the quotes because it's not exactly what I had in mind; the food as not good, almost flavorless. Oh, the guests were hot too. So many branded bags and killer shoes totting around the room, It was like soiree of a socialite.

Anyway, the speech was nice that he talked about Indo's economy, and also he addressed about Malay-Indo situation, which he handled gracefully. I never been so proud of my country until last weekend. So, It was a great night overall. But sadly I couldn't have a picture with him, he entered the room last and exited first, before everyone exits (and he's obviously guarded, so). It's a fun night. However, I forgot to mention that, not all the people put in the same room, there's an additional room next door installed with TV streaming live of him speaking from the other room. So I didn't really see him in person, except when he walked out the door. Pathetic? yes.

Talking about a night to remember, I had this talk with an old friend which for me a relief because it's been a burden for a while. We did talked it through and it wasn't easy. I said I need this to be refreshed completly - means we have to talked about every pain and let it go and then move forward. It worked on me and glad I did it.

Another night to remember was actually last night. I spoke to mom for a while, and it's been so long since I talked to her that candid. I talked everything about what happen to me recently and she did opened my mind once again. I kinda lost faith along the way, but now I kind of get my faith back. So I think last night conversation was pretty powerful and I see myself and life in a different way. So many things happen lately and I think I was overwhelmed, more or less, and needed a guidance. So thankful for her.

I believe there'll be so many things happen to me bad or good, I'll just never know when. Just need to be prepared.

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