Friday, September 4, 2009

From Jersey To City

Last Saturday I visited a friend, Rani, who I haven't seen her since last Spring break. She's kinda my best bud right here in States, just 'cause she's my classmate back in the day. Anyway, we made 5 videos! and it was a very fun couple days. Over there, I unleashed my biggest appetite yet; went to Qdoba, Jamba Juice etc. and I felt sorta horrible. Regardless, my visits there was very nice! I stayed at her new apartment and it was very nice of her to let me (once again) stayed over her house. To be honest, I like going to NJ once in a while, but I just hate the long trip - 5 hours bus trip, continued with 45 minutes of NJ transit. It's exhausting.

And then.. after 3 days in NJ, I visited NYC briefly (before going back to Boston), and decided to go to SoHo. After a little-confusing trip, I arrived at the Canal St. station and sorta lost. Then I found Prince St. and the next thing I know, I got excited; I saw a lot of stores, and I saw some of the familiar SoHo stores. I was already in SoHo area, I just didn't realize it. So I looked for a MUJI store (my bro asked me to buy a knitted cap there) and I'm so excited to check the area out (I wanted to check out Topman NYC). SoHo is like, a meltin' pot of individuals; there's girls with Cali styles, the indie guys, the uber metrosexuals (men), the rich-high socialite women, and some of the artists kinda people. So it's exciting. I saw alot of models too, walking around SoHo with their portfolios in their arms - I just realized then that Fashion Week is gonna be held in less than 2 weeks.

Now I realize how much I attracted to NY life, at first I was thinking that West coast life will fits me more, but now I'm really attracted with the NYC's exciting, colorful energy - and hopefully, NYFIT Fall 2010!

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