Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I know it's too early to call that out - I even wanted to call it worse but the drama is so would be unnecessary - and here's why: I experienced too much trouble already for the last couple of days. Too many fights and arguments ensued and left me all frustrated and weird. Ha. I don't know what happen to me lately.. but surely, this week is hell and yet, the first week is still going on.

I feel terrible for the fights and all of em were unnecessary. I didn't know what I was thinking and the worse part is the guilt and it happened.

So moving on. I was asked to help do this project and I must say I'm not really 100% sure about it. I was asked to do sketches but I just wanna do that. I don't need to come back and forth to make it perfect and give comments and so on. This person's taste is different than mine and it seems our aesthetics are very different and for me, if I don't like it, I wouldn't feel like doing any of it. But I gotta do it - because my moral compass says so.

.. And yeah, pretty much that was happening in one day. So pretty blurred earlier today (buta karena emosi). Anyway, life goes on and time to moving on. Boy, do i need to hear that again.

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