Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Me, So Far

Hi Guys...

I know, I take too long to post another blog. I've been super busy like, crazy busy. I'm still looking for an apartment but it's already down to two, not like yesterdays, Me and mom were so overwhelmed by it. So both apartments are in the city but one is furnished, one is not. It's super confusing, 'cause I need to compare and think about both of those apts and I need to do it quickly. The school's already started and Mom will leave in, like, 5 days. I'm studying at Fisher College and here's the photo of the school's building.

So.. I like Boston so far. I'm still living in the hotel tho, So.. it's nice. Of course. The weather is SO cold, my mom and I can stand it. We both bought anti-windchill coat, or whatever it is called and also some earmuffs cause our ears getting freezing every time we go out.

OK.. I wanna tell about my story so far. After a week in here, I felt okay tho.. not so great. Cause I need to think about everything, literally; the foods, the living cost, electric bill and other stuffs. I won't do that stuff until, next week, when I will already been living in here by myself. Also, we found some great Asian foods. I found 1 Chinese food takeout at the mall which is quite nice. Also, I found Vietnamese food in the Chinatown, which actually very nice. It's quite expensive tho, but I definitely will go back there.

Ok.. I just bought Wii game (Mama's Cooking) and a calculator that required for my study in college (I'm still amazed about the fact that I'm the college level Math!).

See ya later.. I'm so tired right now..
Bye :d


ingrid said...

hey! where're the scary teeth photo? post 'em please...

btw, i hate it here! i'd do anything to join you there, hehehe.. miss ya, bud!

Damien said...

o God! i forgot about that
i ve been super beezy. hahaha... come over here! Miss ya!!!!