Saturday, February 9, 2008

What A Day!

Today is interesting; Although it could be ambiguous.

I went to classes, back home, back to school again, back home, dropped my bag, went off to the market.. bought rices, sushi and magazines (BLENDER & RollingStone, with Britney on the cover). Then, went home, ate sushi and slept at 5.30 PM until 11 PM. Right now it's 3.58 AM.

I have to make a confession. Yea, yesterday I didn't sleep at all. I slept at 6 AM and woke up at 8.30 AM, because I have to make it into the class (I skipped the class 3 times). So there.. I'm pretty much a nightwalker these days, since Mom went back to Jkt. I dunno maybe I'm still overwhelmed.. but I really need (and have to) put it together. This time, there's no room for error.

Ok.. So I went to the morning class for an hour then went to the library to hang out for a while with my friends. What's interesting here is I'm the only Indonesian here in Fisher College, period. So, I gotta hang out with Japanese, Chinese (mostly) and Korean friends. I also made friends with American as well. So at one point it's beneficial (for my English) sometime, it's a torture ('cause I have no people to speak Indonesian to). Then, went to Business class (Macro) and Math class (Stats) respectively. I don't know why today's classes seems so much fun. I laughed all the time. Today's pretty nice but also tiring.

O ya, today was snowing too! The wind, the snow.. today was super cold.

Ok then, I think I have to go now.. I'm sleepy now (finally). I wanna share some pictures than I've had taken for the last 2 weeks, not now; because there's something wrong with the inet. I hope u can enjoy the view and it's part of sharing my experience here with all of u. Have a nice day :D

UPDATE: To see photos, click here:

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Cynthia said...

Can't wait to see the pic. Btw I need your comment on my new project layout min. It's just a rough draft, but still.. U know what i mean rite? miss u min!