Monday, February 18, 2008

Three Days Weekend

I'm so Glad I got 3 day off (Sat - Mon). I felt refreshed and happy, of course. For the last 3 day weekend, I travelled around the city a lot (and so far it's farthest I ever went since I came here) and ate a lot and shop a lot.

16 Feb

I went to BORDERS to bought 3 new magazines, People, Entertainment Weekly and BAZAAR. I found it so funny because I'm always a fan of magazines and now I have to purchase them regularly for my assignment (as for Fund. Apparel Design) which needs a lot mounts of sample photos from mags.

That day, I decided to went on different route: Boylston, instead of Newbury St. I found this Prudential Centre Shopping Arcade. The place is so nice.

Then I went to Cheesecake Factory to lunch for one (so sad). I ordered bite size burgers for appetizer and a Spicy Chicken Chipotle Pasta (which is so superb). But what makes me wonder is the appetizer. It says bite size burgers but apparently it's like a junior whopper! and there's 4 of em in a plate! nutso. Since I'm starving like crazy I ended up eating all of em; the appetizer, main course. I ate so much that I couldn't even hungry at night.

I also went to Urban Outfitters and found nothing interesting at all and went to Best Buy to buy mouse pad and power supply for ipod. Then, I slept at 9 PM, because I was so friggin' tired already.

17 Feb

I woke up at 9 AM and it's still holiday! I just being lazy throughout the morning; I chat, opened emails etc. I decided to went to Prudential centre again to grab lunch (I went to Panda Express) and went off to Best Buy again (I bought 2 DVDs Transformers and No Reservation. I know, I can't get enough of Transformers). Then, I decided to go to Cambridge Galleria Mall via green line T. It is located at the end of the green line! which is crazy! I have to go through 7 stops! sigh..

So I went there.. and there's a big mall and It's crowded! There's American Eagle, Apple Store etc. I went there to check my ipod if there's anything wrong (and there isn't any). After 2 hours spending time there, I went off back to downtown.. to check some headset and ended up buying one (a Sony.. so nice and clear) and I went back home and relaxed throughout the night.

18 Feb (Today)

I felt tired. 2 Days of walking around town is washed out my energy. I need to relax more and become a homebuddy, that I always been. I decided to having a great lunch. I bought Orange Chicken & BBQ Chicken at a mall and went home. I cooked the rice and the veggies (I made spinach today). Perfect!

So here I am, typing the blog as I recall the memories and thinking what would I do after this.
I'm gonna finish the Transformers movie, do my homework, buying indomies and meats and veggies, go back home, do the rest of the homework and then sleep. I'm so predictable.

Bye guys!

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Min msti ntn wicker park,, bgs bgsss!!