Friday, February 22, 2008


I get really tired nowadays.. caused by the homework (tons of em) and the assignment (needs a lot of time). So, I really wasted.

Yesterday, I'm sooo happy when I got to present my work. I had to do a presentation about five designs of skirt and each of em has a different type: dirndl, sheath, circular, pegged and flared. I felt really good about that. I think I did impressed the teacher and the other girls (yes, I'm the only guy in there and Asian too!). Mission accomplished!

I got test for Math today which I stumbled a bit because, I got to optimistic and suddenly my brain was blank. I was really mad! thank God the teacher is easy on me. So, I hoped I did well on dat.

oK.. About tiredness, I'm seriously looking like shit. Flabby stomach, pale face, weird hair.. any bad thing you could imagine. I hate this.. I really wanna do something about this. First, gotta find gym. Second, go to salon and Third, sleep. Yea.. i need a looooooot of sleep. My body is out of power now. See ya

here's the skirts:


Cynthia said...

BGS MIN!! kan sudah kukata kau pasti bs laaa.. jgn tkt kau..

btw yg abu2 ma pink bgs min motifnya, warnain pake apa kau???

Min eke msi mencari high waist pencil skirt / shorts neh, tp msalahnya lemak pinggul tak mau luntur,,KEKI BERATT!!! hahahhahaha

Damien said...

makasih! hahaha.. cyntho, crita2 donk ttg jakarta rindu niee hehehe..