Saturday, March 1, 2008

What I Like

Yea! it's weekend. Today is actually Saturday morning. 2:47 in the morning. I know.. I slept around 7 p.m. and woke up at 1 a.m. so here I am.

I got idea for my new post, about what I like recently (just popped out of my brain). Here's my favorite things for today:

Music: I really like Madonna's new single "4 Minutes to Save The World" feat. Justin & Timbaland. Freakin' awesome. The beat is sick! and I like my new headset! Sony noise-cancelling headset which is now my bestfriend at night (the friggin' noisy drunk people outside really buggin me every 2/3 am).

Fashion: Balenciaga all the way (in term of design tho). Nicolas Ghesquiére is really a genius! totally haute couture! haha and my favorite line is FCUK for now. They offer really great taste in men clothing. I just really diggin' it.

Food: Au Bon Pain. Yea, after eating Chinese food for a while.. I'm craving for Western ones which is a benefit for me now. Get it? hehe

Animals: Jokker Rockey! my pets. Miss them so much as you can see in my profiles from Myspace to Friendster to Yahoo.

Well.. that's all. Not so much things tho as I thought I would have. Anyway, today's plan is I'm gonna clean up my room and gonna buy new camera. After 2 months not taking pictures (with proper tool) perhaps today it's my chance! :D

See ya guys

Btw, I got 100 in Math Test! which is awesome for me (this is my first full score for Math ever in my life)


Ingrid said...

gosh.. those designs are kewl...
hahaha.. it's easy to get full scores in the US for math, like you said it is hilariously easy.. hahaha..

Damien said...

i know right?? hehe.. miss ya