Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back To Reality

Yes.. Here i am. After a week of spring break in New York, I feel brand new: Lazier.

I don't wanna go to school! argh! I'm already used to the life on a break! just kidding. I have to go to school :(

The Break started with Rani came to Boston. We spent great times here, really. The cheesecake, chips.. it was a blast! (i know u will be vomiting by the time u read this Ran). After 2 days in Boston, we headed to NYC!

I was in New York for Spring Break and spent the night at Rani's place in New Jersey haha.. We spent days wandering around New York. We went to NY by bus (which was annoying), but it was ok, until i witnessed the TIME SQUARE. It was out of body experience. I felt sooo happy, even though i was so tired (i brought a long my 10 kgs of bag, i believe) and upset (the consulate of Indo was closed!). Basically, It was a fun experience tho which I will treasure my whole life. There's only me and Rani, 2 Indonesian who didn't know anything about NY at all, but finally we managed to handle it (thanks to Rani).

I visited Central Park, Ground Zero (WTC), Rockefeller Cente, etc. I also took picture with the famous Naked Cowboy (he wasn't literally naked tho) and we both addicted to Jamba Juice. Oh ya! the popcorn (Dale & Thomas' gourmet popcorn) was soooo good. Thank God there's one here in Boston (Quincy Market).

I was having the great time ever there! but again, i must admit that, New York ain't really my kinda place. I like it here in Boston. Perhaps, I'm gonna change my mind about continuing school in New York. Perhaps LA. or Boston. Whatever.

Have a great one, people!


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