Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Let's Get Physical

Physical as in PE that is.
Today, April 2, marks the first time I stepped into Gym in this year! (So I've been out of gym since December! holla).

I know, I gained weight too much, I felt sick of my self. Plus I also felt the pressure to get good marks in college (the first time ever since high school. Really.)

So I went to the gym which was so different compares to ours in Indo; the gym is simple and really brings up the true meaning of gym: workout. We all know, that fitness centre in Indonesia is the place for exhibition (whatever it is to be exhibit). Anyway, there's a swimming pool and it was decent too. I felt okay tho with the pool except the face that my goggle is f*cked. It's so uncomfortable. I bought speedo goggle. I vowed to never ever buy speedo goggle. Ever.

So.. Today's I pretty tired, physically. Woke up at 9 AM went to school til 3 PM. Then, went to gym from 4.30 PM to 6.30 PM. Then went to Shaw's and CVS to pick up groceries. I was friggin exhausted. O yeah, today I gotta finish 2 important assignment: Fashion sketches and English essay. Go @#$% Urself (to assignments).

Huh, O yea. My sketches were picked to be on the cover of Fisher's Fashion Show 2008 invitations. Psyched!


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