Monday, April 21, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

Last Saturday, I went to Six Flags New England. So awesome! It cost $15 (bought it from school) and it was 2-hour ride from Boston. It was sooo cool, I rode the fiercest roller coasters ever! There was The Superman Ride (f*%$ing crazy), Batman (my favorite so far!), Mind Eraser (hanging coaster) and some crappy rides. But overall, it was out of body experience almost literally, cause in some rides, I felt like I almost out of the cart. Ha

By the way, I really enjoy Madonna's half new record from Hard Candy. She released "4 Minutes" which was so 2008 (means I loves it) and I also enjoy "Miles Away". The rest of the album pretty much the same to me. O yeah, It's kinda leak songs so I downloaded it. It's my guilty pleasure.

I have a lot guilty pleasures.. such as, buying groceries, reality shows.. eating too much.. networking sites (facebook, friendster), gossip blogs and clothes. Yes. pretty much everything i like is guilty pleasure-ing. Whatever.

Gosh, I wanna visit Indonesia.. really, it's like crazy now.. I miss my dogs so much.. t.t

Btw, STARBUCKS changed their logo!

Joking (hopefully)

See ya guys in bit


AiDee said...

wants to go on a spring vacation!! hehe.. miss ya bud!

teejay said...

min tyt lo ngeblog juga! ahaha. jarang loh org indo yg ngeblog2 quite regularly.. apa gw aja yg gatau ya?

Damien said...

hey je! thnx for visiting this lil blog. gw ga sering juga je.. sminggu ga skali sih. heuheu.. je.. u bikin blog juga ga?