Monday, September 8, 2008

Keeps Getting Better

I'm not talking about my phone situation tho (although it's kinda going that direction). I'm talking about Christina Aguilera's new single!! LOVES it!!! haha. It's so futuristic! (Christina performed at 2008 VMAs earlier today!). Love the performance! She performed a new rendition of 'Genie In the Bottle' (think Eurythmics mix with Lady Gaga) and the new single, 'Keeps Gettin' Better' (think Kylie Minogue + Lady Gaga, again). Overall, this year's VMA is overwhelming! Christina, Rihanna, Britney's officially comeback too! :D

Awesome night!

While I'm watching VMA reruns, I'm still wondering about tomorrow; about the phone insurance, homeworks, everything. I'm friggin overwhelmed already. And I also have to be in bed, very right now!

See ya'll

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