Thursday, August 28, 2008

A City That Never Sleeps

Hi folks. long time no see. and no update.

Last weekends I went off to New York with mom and my sibs. I love New York (for the first time!). I've been there more than 3 times, but last trip was the first time I felt excited about NY.

We went to NY by bus (Megabus!) and we stayed at the Double Tree hotel in Times Square (I highly recommend this hotel!). The first day, we booked 4 tickets to see Legally Blonde: The Musical. As cheesy as it sounds, I kinda excited to see a broadway play (a broadway play!).. and the best part is the theatre is just next door from my hotel (literally). After the play, we dined at a japanese rest. It was sooo nice and we had the best time that nite.

The next day, we went the famous NY sightseeing (for the tourists, although I hate the fact that I was a tourist!). So.. we went to Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Liberty to name a few. It took half a day! crayzay.. and later that night we met Rani si gokil (Looove the tattoo!).

I really love new york now.. but with conditions!


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