Monday, May 19, 2008

Foods Of Big Apple

Yesterday we (me & Rani) went to NYC to spend the day. We went for a culinary trip yesterday. It was so fulfilling literally.

The first thing after we touched down (from the bumpy NJ Transit trip), we headed to Thai restaurant food. We ordered pad thai (shrimp for me, veggie for her). The name of the restaurant is Bangkok House. The place is kind of small eatery and it was cozy. I loved it. Then, after that we went on to 58th St. 9th Ave to found this miles long of festival. I think it was a big food bazaar. I ended up bought a monstrous turkey leg, fried OREOs (yep, that OREO cookies) and candy grapes (instead of candy apple). I couldn't help it but wanted more although I was terribly full. Then we went to Century 21 for an impromptu shopping sprees (ha, i only bought a shirt and rani bought a cool fedora). To end the night, we went to Lime Jungle restaurant for burittos. I officially the big fan of buritto.

Ok.. so that's my culinary trip for a day. I'll keep u posted! aite?? Byeee


Steph said...

i want a road trip too! hehe. mahal2 gak sih disana?

Damien said...

Ga gitu kok je.. hueheu.. ayo je!!! road trip.. LOLs