Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Results of Sleep Deprivation

Is this post.

Up to this point, there maybe 3 or 4 posts about my problem in sleeping. Yes, I don't know why I couldn't get any sleep or manage to sleep right. And also, I don't know is this some kind of disorder or is it me that wasn't try hard enough. Anyway..

I got this idea about star signs. I kinda researched about people who are defined by Star signs. It's kinda hard to explain but, what I mean is that I believe that Star signs, affect the character of a person. I wanna talk about star signs that very close to me, family's. Let's start with.. Leo

Actually, I was thinking about Leo for a while; the characters of it and the Leo people. Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry are Leo, to name a few. They're very powerful and driven (especially that chick named Madonna). I noticed that Leo is very stubborn, either in good way or bad. They're also charismatic and people will always take notice. They somehow can become the leader in a group or be the one who really stand out and also, not afraid to take chances. That's why Leos pretty much successful in life. My dad's a Leo.. and Cynthia (miss ya).

Then.. Taurus. My mom is a Taurus. Taurus is also stubborn and they have strong will. They always want to know things, like how it works. Taurus seems always want to find a way out of problems. They will keep figuring out the solutions or stuff. Despite they strong characters, Taurus can also be very kind and maternal towards people. They know how to treat people, in manner. They also a deep thinker. They always think first before doing things. I also get the sense that, Taurus people are very nice.. but once u make them mad, u're finished. In short, don't mess with them (Jk). My Mom is Taurus.. and so do Rani, Derren (my cousin) and as for celebrities, Uma Thurman, Cher, Queen Elizabeth II, Audrey Hepburn and more.

Last one.. mine, Gemini. Who doesn't love a Gemini? hahaha. Here's what i got: Geminis are have a great taste, somewhat perfectionist and.. creative. I don't mean to be cocky, but it is. We can make things up out of no where, wether intended or in certain circumstances like under pressure thingy or whatnot. I also think that we can act the part, means that we can be very versatile.. we can get along with a lot of different people (although i only got few friends). We can create topics, thanks to our versatility and broad knowledges (actually it's more about my friends than me LOL). O yea, i share a birthday with Wentworth Miller! :D Also, I know some Geminis.. they are Ingrid, TJ and Angela. Gemini rox hard.

I didn't mention my sib's signs (Cancer, Virgo) cuz.. i don't know much and besides.. If i put it it'll sounds fake and this post would be loooong as krazy.

LOL. I kinda bit kukkoo this morning.. I need to lie down.
See ya in bits.


Steph said...

it's okay, it's our blog we have the right to be 'cuckoooo' lol. lo gemini juga min, when's your dob?

Damien said...

Gw june 2 je.. hehe.. u sama kayak angel bukan? si angel 19 june kan kalo ga salah?

Steph said...

june16 kita. hayoloh diomelin ntar gak inget ahaha.

Damien said...

u pada june 16! Gosh.. hahaha.. i'll remember from now on! hee :D