Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I really put a serious thoughts of what I would eat lately. No, not the healthy diet foods or whatever (which is sooo sad in a way), but it's about my cravings. Since last month, I became a fan of Mexican food (esp. Buritto). I totally still craving the food. I also crazy about Pad Thai (here in New Jersey), served with turnip cake. So Good. The foods are so fabulous, I decided to spend the last three days in New Jersey with Rani. I supposedly visiting New York, but I wanna explore the foods here. I also tried candy corn for the first time, Carvel ice cream shake and more. The foods makes me stay.

I wanna share some review my favorite tunes for the last couple of days.

I highly recommend you to listen to Jason Mraz's last record, We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things. It's so good; the music is combination of big band, acoustic and soul. One of the songs, It sounds like orchestra met casual acoustic. I don't know the right term but it sounds beautiful. Download: "Make It Mine", "A Beautiful Mess", "I'm Yours" & "Lucky"

I also listened to several albums, like Mariah's E=MC2, Madonna's Hard Candy and Usher's Here I Stand.
Those albums really stand out for me in 2008. Be sure check 'em out.

See ya on the next entry.
Bye guys.. D

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Steph said...

i follow you food-journey hehe. enak banget lo mien jalan2! so where's next?