Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pretty Amazing

Today is my last class which means that Final Exams is all i have to do. Yay. I feel pretty confident, nervous but also excited. What makes me excited is that I will be free for 3 months! I can't imagine that really.

By the way.. I feel so happy and shits today. In my last fundamental of apparel design class, i felt so good that my artwork getting recognized by my peers and also my professor. They're really nice.. and they're compliments were sweet, they made me blushing so bad. Thanks guys..

Well, bad things do happen all the time. Today, i felt sooo sick i don't know why.. I felt like wanna puke. Blurgh. And also there's a friend here that i felt she's different to me nowadays.. i don't know why.. it's like i make something bad. Anyway.. to make things worse (even though these are necesseries), I gotta go to gym, pay the rent and also, clean up my room. It's about time.

But, still.. today is amazing! Loves it!

Hope u guys have a great one too. I'm out! (D)


Steph said...

summer is coming! hehe. tapi disini masih super dingin nih. how is the weather there? suddenly i feel the weather channel is important here, gak kayak di jkt either panas gila ato hujan.

Damien said...

totally so true!
Weather forecast jadi penting bgt ya ga sih? hahaha...