Saturday, December 15, 2007

Carbonara Day

Today pretty regular to me.
Yesterday, my Grandma admitted to the hospital due to muscle complications and some heart things. But now she's okay and still in the hospital. Hopefully, by Monday we can get her outta there (the doctor's kinda ignorant to me and he bothers me and my aunt). Anyway..

10:11 am - 3 pm Today I got up a lil' late. I always a lazy in the morning. So, I went to the school agent at Gading.. filled up all the form for Visa applications. Then me and my aunt went to Dapur Solo to grab lunches (we ate Nasi gudeg, nasi urap and sate ayam! yes!). Russell is the new star! literally everywhere. He grabs attention anywhere he goes! hehe

4 pm onwards Me and bro went off to Senayan. He wanted to know where's the concert (classical) will take place tommorow (it's at Istora Senayan). So I planned to cook dinner tonight. I wanted to make Carbonara pasta, Prawn salad with honey-mustard dressing and Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon roll ice cream. At Senayan I bought all the ingredients and also checked out the sales at TopShop, Zara etc. (It's so crowded! I end up stayed there less then 3 minutes).

Me and bro cooked the food and then, after 2 hours, feasts on those fat-full dinner! and have some well-deserved wines! yep!

Tommorow's gonna bring another things to me. Hopefully I'm ready. To be honest, for the next days, anything can happen. Either right or wrong.

See ya!

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