Monday, October 29, 2007

The Diva, The Demons and The Mixer

I don't know what exactly was on my mind. Recent days, I went emotional and balistic.. out of control, insane. I wish I could get rid of em all, quick; otherwise, I can't be a good human being. I wanna be good.

Btw, Beyoncé will have a live concert here in Jakarta and I'm beyond excited! I really want to go to the show (It costs 650 thousand plus, which is suck). But, hopefully, my parent will lemme go see the concert, since I missed Christina Aguilera back in August in Singapore.

Okie Dokie, I got new MIXER cover for December issue, featuring miss Amy Winehouse. Go check it out, it's End-of-Year issue! She looked artsy, soberish and gorgeous!

Stay Fabo!

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