Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Beyoncé, Here I Come!

OMG. I can't believe myself! I just bought the tickets! for me and my sis!! (my sis back off, so my bro replaced her.. but I still have to see, if he could make it on time) We're going to see Beyoncé! This is a part of her tour: "The Beyoncé Experience" and she promised (via press release), she will bring the heat and give a knock-out performance.

I believe you, B! hehehe.. I'll update everything as soon as tommorow! see ya! :D

Here's the ticket!!!

Update: The Review

Whoa!!! her performance blew me away. As an Indonesian, having a worldwide quality super diva coming in to perform is a moment you wish u experience. That's why her tour called The Beyoncé Experience. My brother and sister both backed off from joining me and Angel (mi amigo) relpaced them. We were soooo excited, since it was our first concert ever. We waited since 4.30 pm until 9.20pm!!! So Nuts!! I almost wanna kill Beyoncé! (joking ofcourse)

But, overall, her performance, voice, costumes.. her crews, her dancers, her band, all gorgeous! they've done a very very good job!! It's definitely a highlight of my year!

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