Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Last Week In Jakarta

Hi! this prolly my last entry before I'm leaving for Boston in less than 12 hours! So anyway, here's some higlights! (btw, I chopped my hair off, traded my faux-hawk for clean-crop cut!).

An Indian Wedding

Last Monday, I experienced the most interesting wedding I've ever been so far. It's an Indian wedding for Mansha's! my fave teacher of all time! (aha). Anyway, I love the fact that this wedding is sorta like a mini-reunion for some of us - and btw, the bride's Sari! gorgeous!

I went with my ex-MaFia mates, Vincent and Sianny, and we got there like 15 mins earlier. Anyway, i totally forgot that the actual wedding was held inside a Pura, so the guests must take off their shoes (I got a pair of dirty feet later that night). I met some of my old schoolmates and some of them (3 of them) wore Saris and the girls got tattooed! (henna tattos). Highlight of the night: the photo sessions and the grilled focaccia!

Congrats to the happy couple!

A Barbecue Night
Last Wed, (19 Aug) we had this fun barbecue - it was a tad quiet one (although my bro's table was the ridiculously loud that night). Well yea, it was a low-key BBQ this time, toned it down to just serving Sate (pork, chicken & lamb) and siomay (or chinese called it Shiu Mai).

I called some of my closest friends to come and it was a blast! So happy that they showed up and I truly appreciated them coming! (to Bajaj and Cyn! next time ya!). I consider this party to end the 3 months of summer holiday! to seal the deal! the finale and stuffs.

A Holiday To Remember
My holiday has truly coming to an end! Months in Jakarta, spent crazy amount of funs, foods (these weight i gained, is unforgivable) and others will be truly missed. I love the karaokes, the frozen yoghurts, the foods and of course friends and family I've been meeting for the last couple of months - and also won't forget my Jo-Rock. I personally love my trips with my closest friends - however, there's one trip with an ex-bff, was quite dull. So, so far I got a matching stars with Aidee, did hundreds of karaoke, multiple trips to Sushi Tei (& SoHo), gallons of Sour Sally, took thousands of photos and played millions of hours with Jokker & Rockey. So now it's officially over, and new semester (and busy nights) has already on the line; it's time to go back to reality now. Selamat tinggal Jakarta!


Ingrid said...

what dull trip? i hope you weren't referring to ours.. :D

Ingrid said...

thanks for the days dude, appreciate spending the time together.. hope next one will be better! XD

Damien said...

of course not! u're not my ex-best friend! u know who im talkin about! :D i love we got our stars together!