Friday, October 17, 2008


I'm officially tired. I need a looong weekend, for real.

Last Thursday I didn't get enough sleep and had to be awake for staying in school for 9 hours! thanks to design classes, English essay and that damn convocation (which I got a prize!).

Anyway, for the last two days, school just wearing me out. I'm super exhausted. I also need to go to gym in moderation, so I can lose weight and to make my bro's stop buggin' me about the gym routine. whatever.

I also have to confess. I don't use to be an outgoing person, like literally. I don't go out too much. I prefer stay at home, either bored or not. I just love stay at home, sleeping and eating. I don't need to go to movies, shopping (well, sometimes), but my point is.. I don't need to be out all day to be happy. I only need a little place called home. And internet.

So.. yeah. I concluded this week as the most exhausting week since last June! (physically and mentally.)
Ha! D

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