Saturday, May 30, 2009


Who doesn't want to smell good? Of course no one would ever want to be smelly or whatever. Me neither and perfume seems the best compliment to complete a look. Yes, I'm obsessed with perfume! (at least for now). For the last couple of months, I bought 2 perfumes (YSL 'L'Homme' and Jean-Paul Gaultier 'Le Male') to add my collections of scents.

There's something about perfume that makes it interesting and, for some reason, prestigious. When it comes to perfume, the label is on top of my head. The designer label makes a perfume prestigious and exclusive. Not so many people can afford thousands of dollars worth of designer stuffs (bags, shoes, clothings, etc.) and designer perfumes are the most affordable among others. So for me, the label is make or break a perfume (in my case, the label can make or break me from buying it).

Overall, the reason I collect perfumes is because I love fashion and I love to collect the bottles .. while the perfume itself is a bonus to the unique bottle. I like the fact that it is a designer products and it smells good too. So far, my favorite perfumes are Bvlgari Aqva and YSL L'Homme. Which one is yours?

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