Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It's getting hot out here. I feel so happy about it, but ironically I got cold. It's a bad one, every morning I sounds like some kind of drugged up person. Anyway, It's good to have the heat around, I almost forgot how it feels.

Speaking about heat, the swine flu is everywhere in states (when I say everywhere, it means in NY, and some other places). I'm freaked out! there's no cure yet available and it makes me going a little bit insane right now. Just be careful and always be clean, people.

By the way, final exam is around the corner and there's also dresses due on monday and a final paper due on next friday. I just want this to be over and heading back to Indonesia. Before I go back, I have to deal with the moving things and also the electricity stuff, the TV and so on. I just want to fast forward that part, and straight to the day I'd depart from Boston to Jakarta.

Anyway, Spring has sprung! enjoy the day! D

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