Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Fashion Show

It was great. I loved it. I have to say that I'm very pleased although there's some things that I don't really like or proud of.. but overall it was a blast! - and I'd like to say, the first year rocked the show!

I have 3 garments overall: first is the ensemble - blouse and pants. pretty boring actually.. almost bland. But I liked it. Mr. Mason told me to put the blouse on backwards and it looks interesting (I'd like to take some pictures of it tomorrow). I love the pants tho.. I'm so proud of it, too bad it wasn't shown that much.

The second one is the Non-textile and I have the official name for it, "Galactic Origami". Well, it's cheesy cheese lame, but who cares? Anyway, I love the way it turned out. My prof told me to put some black tapes on it and it works very well. I'm pleased! It took me like 3 weeks total to finish the whole thing. Thanx to Emily for helpin' me out. Btw, I'm glad I borrowed the white shoes. It rocked!

The last one is the Geometric dress. I actually inspired by the fabric. It's very tribal.. very earthy kind of motives and it inspired me to make a tribal dress. I also dressed her with a headband - I want to make the hippie kind of look - and I think it works well with the whole look. I actually had thought about this assignment that I wanted this to be red this time and so I did.

Overall I'm so happy with the show and already can't wait for the next year's show. Thanks for coming people! D

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