Saturday, April 11, 2009


Another random post on another random day, and I'd like to talk about my current interests. I love electronic music lately and only from Daft Punk, Ladytron and The Faint. I occasionally listen to Goldfrapp but only few of em songs (btw, 'Ooh La La' is gorgeous and I'm goin' to download it now). Actually it's more like synth pop or something like that; I like the synth effect because it feels futuristic and sounds like u could get into another dimension.

Anyway, back to reality. Today I woke up at 3.27 pm, pretty late. I felt terrible, tired and lazy. But only for the first 5 minutes. After I took a bath, I went straight to clean up the apt.! started with the carpet floors, I vacuumed it all, the kitchen floor etc. then washed all the dishes and then, took my comforter and some bed sheets to laundry - and resulted the spill of my detergent inside the elevator. I know, it was clumsy.. but it happened. Then, my bro cooked some prawns while I just heated some terong balado (Love em!). By the way, we went to Shaws and got this ice cream called Ciao Bella, with malted chocolate flavor. It was good!

Despite the heavy rain, I still love this day. I like the fact it's calming, relaxing, typical lazy Saturday. Yesterday in the opposite, was busy. I finished some sketches, went shopping (finally got a wayfarer I've been wanting for a year now!), went to restaurants (Haru & Bhindi Bazaar) and watched movie (Monsters v.s. Aliens.) which is quite funny and entertaining, although lacks of 'X' factor. The bottom line is, I love doing laid back thing but when I wanna do fun things, I'm no half-ass doing it!

Wow, this actually could be the longest random post I've ever done. LoL. O yea, I also wanna put some of my current listening:

Ladytron - "Destroy Everything You Touch"
I like this track out of them. I'm still a beginner about their music and actually I knew them because Christina Aguilera is working with them for her next record. I love the synth effect and the disco aspect of it. It's fantabulous.

The Faint - "The Geeks Were Right"

Goldfrapp - "Ooh La La"
I personally think that 'Keeps Gettin' Better' is a rip-off this song. Very glamourous, with underground feel in it.

Kings Of Leon - "Sex On Fire"

Kleerup feat. Lykke Li - "Until We Bleed"
The goth disco. Love this track. I heard it from my fashion show and fell in love with it. It's in heavy rotation on my playlist.

Michael Jackson - "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough"
It's used for Balmain Fall 2009 show! it's catchy and very disco-esque.

Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow

Daft Punk - "Technologic"
It was used for my fashion show, on my favorite segment: Non-textile!

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