Thursday, April 16, 2009


I think I need to do some soul-searching. I know it's kind of hard topic, but I think that's what I need the most. I feel lonely at times, feeling uncertain and kind of trying to please anybody. It's hard because I can't really distinguish which one is real. I feel lost again. I don't know who should I believe now and I think too much of everything and make things thousand more times complicated.

It's a recurring theme happening in life for the last couple of months. I'm seeking help for now, but I don't push my self enough to get it right. I have an inner battle with myself that I wanna be out of this problems, break free - while on the other side, I just want to sunken in. I haven't been in good mood for the last couple of days, I just wish my aunt and cousin's visit will make it better.

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