Monday, April 6, 2009

My Favorite Things

April Edition. Well, this is the first time tho. These are what I really like for the last couple of weeks, or months. Enjoy

1. Fashion Projects
This is the first time I feel like I have a purpose, a calling. I love the class, the classmates, the assignments, the show and of course ultimately the dresses. There's few snafus here and there.. but still those are my babies.

2. Diet A&W Root Beer
My childhood favorite comes in 0 calories. Perfect guilty pleasure.

3. iPod Touch Apps
I always looking for some new applications. It's like putting outfits for your doll or something, except this is iPod (nevermind) and so far I got Skype, DDR,, Cooking Mama and Facebook. Which brings us to number...

4. Facebook
Ultimate obsession. It's MAJOR addictive. I can't help it for this one; I constantly checking out updates on Facebook. Everyday! It's kind of ironic actually, now our meeting points always on the internet instead of cafes or whatever. But you know what, sneaking into others' profiles, looking at their photos are always entertaining.

5. Take Outs
I Love Chinese Takeouts, Sushi.. Burritos u name it, I tried em all and I love it. It's fast, it's tasty and it's comforting. One problem: it's not cheap, if you do it every day.

6. Skype
I always love to do video calls, especially with Mom. Don't get me wrong, I'm not that kind of Mama's boy, I did it for my dogs. I'm sorry, I miss my dogs a lot - or too much I think. I always see them thru webcams and I love every minutes of it. Plus.. I can talk to mom.. and share thoughts.

7. Urban Outfitters
Especially the SALEs rack. Tee for $9.99? A cool cardigans slashed from 50 bucks to 29? I'm in.

8. YSL L'Homme
I wear it every day! Sometimes I put it on my hair, especially when I didn't shower.. cause I always late to class.

9. Kathy Griffin's Stand-up Shows
I can't get enough. I always watch her reruns and the videos on YouTube and never get enough. I love her hilarious behaviour, rude jokes and stuff. I love her making fun of celebrities and every time she did it, it worked. I know that she's coming to Boston.. sadly on June 12! At that time, I'd probably already in Jakarta :(

10. YouTube
Yes! The ultimate entertainment package. It has everything from awards show performance to videos of people acting stupid. I love it! and I happens to have some videos over there too (acting stupid of course). My favorite show: Ellen DeGeneres Show.. while eating take outs!

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