Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Favorite Things (Deux)

This is the second installment of "My Favorite Things", I called it Favorite Things summer edition (last time was, April edition, fyi). Anyway, to clear things up, this list was made out of boring circumstances about what I like at this moment. It could be a good reference though or simply, a fun thing to read.

1. Basic Black
I just love anything black since I was a kid, but now it's like I'm rediscovering black all over again. I'm crazy for basic black t-shirt, or basic black shirt, or black leather jackets or bags. I even bought a black swim pants! Black will never dies and will always live.

2. Driving Around
Yes, driving car has never been this good! (After 1,5 years without it, things could be a little bit out of control).

3. Sushi
Sushi has always been on my favorite menus since 1997 (the first time I tried this raw delicacies). But now I'm an official addict. Since the first week of my arrival here in Jakarta, I frequently stop by at my favorite sushi restaurant in Indo, Sushi Tei. Must try: jumbo dragon roll.

4. Marc Jacobs Jeans
I bought that jeans exactly 2 days before I went back to Jakarta. It's still my favorite jeans ever. The most comfortable jeans i've ever owned.

5. Stay at Home
Staying at my Sunter house has never been this good. Regular activities such as, playing Wii, getting lazy on the sofas, hanging out at my mom's workshop, playing with dogs, eating home-cooked meals (and the list still goes on), have become very exciting.

6. Sunglasses
I'm addicted to my RayBan wayfarer and MJ's aviator. Can't get enough of em.

7. Twitter
Truly addictive. The telegram for millennium era!

8. Fro-Yo
Well, i'm just a little bit late (well, way too late) for this frozen treats. Frozen yoghurt with mochi is the greatest invention after cookie dough ice cream! (recommended place: Sour Sally).

9. Karaoke
My favorite activity, resurrected! Key tracks: "I'll Be There" (Jackson 5) & "You Give Love A Bad Name" (Bon Jovi)

10. Jokker-Rockey
Of course, for obvious reason. The reason why I can't wait to go back to Jakarta. The first day I'm arrived at home, I was very tired, but then soon all of it went away, thanks to the furry buddies (I was on 30+ hrs flight, so). I took em out for walks around the complex or wherever. Took Rockey to a dentist, despite too much pain for Rockey, it was a fun trip. However, I do feel sad, cause time will fly so fast.

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