Friday, July 3, 2009

Did July To Me?

Ok that title was a lamer. Anyway. I'm just in the mood of a new post so, I thought a "nice & fun" title would be, of course, nice & fun.

I'm just finished open my Facebook page and played some games. As soon as i closed the window tab, I'm thinking.. what did they use Facebook for? Of course for reconnecting with friends, get in touch and all that jazz. Well that's boring excuses. I have conclusion what's the "real" purposes of using Facebook! here's the top 5!

1. Stay In Touch With Friends (a.k.a. Collecting people)
Yeah, of course, the stay-in-touch part is true. But these days, I saw lots of my friends, somewhat "collecting" the people. Means that they just accepted friends request without considering or whatnot. I mean, in real life, nobody would be really have that much of friends as much as 2000 friends. That's redonculous.

2. For the sake of having a Facebook page.
Read: people wants to be updated with what's hot right now, at this very minute.

3. Stalking
(This one's for the FB addict) The reason of having so many friends, beside of "stay in touch" with them, we want to stalk the hell out of em. We just know what happen with them, the latest photos in the bar, getting artsy and shits. People buy them!

4. Competition
Well, as much as you denying it, people somehow competing to show each other (or people) how much they own friends. The bigger the number the merrier.

5. Self Expression
You know, photos, status. Show off a abit. (Hey, you like doing that too don't cha)

Well, that's just what I thought about facebook-ing. What do u think? or can you come up with another 5 reasons?

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