Sunday, January 31, 2010

Frozen Treats

Ah! another bitter cold day, I absolutely hate it. it's around 15F (around -8/-9C) today and I decided to go out to Newbury, took my laptop to the Apple store, for service. The day before however was even colder, but I needed to go out for a while. Later tonight we went to see The Book of Eli (not a 'wow' movie) & Tooth Fairy (a totally family movie), and the night was pretty great. I absolutely have nothing special today, except! I got a reply tweet from Anggun! yes Anggun the singer!

I'm kinda happy for the turn-out. I'm happy that she replied me, but moreover, she is as humble as she is in interviews on TV, magazine etc. She's my only favorite Indonesian singer and I kind of appreciate the Indonesian-ess of her: long dark hair, exotic tanned skin and the politeness of an Indonesian woman.

So anyway, I'm packed with snacks, drinks and comfy bed - it's time for spending some me time.

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