Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February Already

It's been a while & I'm kinda slowing down on the internet updates. I haven't really update on anything - facebook, blog, wtv - but just madly checking on gossip blogs, musics and so on. I also got new iPhone (I'm an Apple freak) and new provider too, 'coz I'm done with T-Mobile - over it.

O yeah, it's snowing outside and it comes with a stormy winds. We already knew this so, naturally, there's class cancelations happening - which is kinda gave me mixed feeling. First I need the class time, just to talk about the materials and progress with my prof regarding the collections, designs and stuffs, second, I love the fact that I got more sleeping time. Yesterday I was super worn out and hungry; I got home at 11 PM.. then went to ate like whatever in front of me, and then went bed at 12.10 AM. I'm a night owl, so sleeping before 2 AM is considered very early to me.

I couldn't help my frequent bitching moment, but, I'm like get over this winter and ready for some sunlight. I mean, the cold is too much.. It affects my nose, my skin, there's nothing good came out from winter except hot winter fashion. And speaking of fashion, another Fisher fashion show is coming up this April! and I'm presenting a collection!! it's so excited because I believe it's the first time ever our school presenting collections by its designer - not segmented. I wish us designers would be able to at least have our creative control on the look of the collections, the songs, models and the make up and so far, only the presentation part (As a collection) that was approved. But I keep my fingers crossed.

I'm in the middle finishing my wedding gown and I'm nervous - so I blog about it while listening to Alexander Wang S/S 2010 runway soundtrack ('Pon de Floor' by Major Lazer. It's my jam now). I love listening to music and since Spring is just around the corner, I listened to more dance records with cool beats! (Gaga, Madonna etc.) I think it's just happen to me, I have my seasonal favorites.. Sometimes I listen to all jazz all month, and then 2 months later, I'm hooked with more urban songs and so on. How bout you guys?

Anyway, I'm excited for this year! and I don't know what will happen next, but I hope it better be good!

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