Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Report

It's good to be back to Bean town! 10 days stay in Atlanta were flew too fast. I'm so happy that I could spent holidays with my family in Atlanta, and meeting aunt Linda & my favorite cousin, Russ (he's big now!). The one thing I hate about it was the cold weather.. I expect it'd be a little warmer than Boston, and boy am I wrong. Darren (Linda's hubby) took us to a great BBQ place which I love so much! I'm addicted to BBQ period. Oh! I also paid a visit to Coke world. I didn't know Atlanta is the home of the world famous beverage, until last year (i mean, '08).

Anyway, nothing much happens since I got back to Boston. I've been lazying up my ass and eat. Ha, I know I sounds miserable, but I just let myself go, too much I think. I just want to relax myself before the hectic life resumes in 2 weeks.

Today I made grilled chicken bumbu sate for late lunch. It was pretty good actually.. Marinated chicken with peanut sauce and I put fried onion, crushed and add kecap manis (sweet soy sauce). Also, i made fried Oreo! the ultimate worst junk food ever. Basically I dipped a frozen Oreo cookie into pancake batter and then fried. I only managed to eat 2 and then I started to feel nauseous.

So there it is.. for those who still in holidays, enjoy! and rest of you who already go back to activity, have a great day!

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