Thursday, December 31, 2009

Soundtracks Of The Decade

So, I'd like to compile my favorite tracks of the decade, the 00's. Basically I spent my teenage years throughout this decade and the musics have a very great impact on me. It's so hard to compile 10 years of great songs into 1 list, without being 100s of em, I'll narrow it down into 10 songs that I personally like during this decade. So let's celebrate a decade of new pop generations, full of catchy chorus, and pure geniuses - Plus my top 10 favorites of 2009!

"Since U Been Gone"
Kelly Clarkson

It's the original American Idol's finest pop moment; the best of 2005 and the best from from any other Idol contenstant. She started to gained supports from the competition show and life's been sky-rocketed ever since for Kelly. It's the uplifting break-up anthem that everyone can relates too. Plus catchy chorus.

"Hung Up"

It's late 2005 and this track is the hottest dance track of fall. Madonna returns with this ABBA-sampled dance song that made people got up and dance.

"We Belong Together"
Mariah Carey

'The Emancipation' marks the triumphant return of the 'Voice' and also brought up some of Mariah's best record, in this case, "We Belong Together". Mariah scored no. 1 on Billboard and also, after a while, she sings with no breathy vocals or whistle register. The result: an awesome great, pop song.

"Cry Me A River"
Justin Timberlake

This song is the prove of there's always something good left out of the bad situation. This song is my favorite of his. I love the undertone hip hop beats with some kind of trumpet element in it. Betrayal + Timbaland's beat = Pure genius


I fell in love with the song when it was first time heard it during 'Peter Pan' trailer and I love the ethereal feel about it; the piano, the vocals, everything. It's too soft for rock, not too pop and it's not really alternative. It's such a comforting, beautiful song.

Amy Winehouse

The first time you hear this song, you'd my think it's an old record sung by black woman. Well, it's sorta right & wrong; it's not black woman or old record, but it is emulating those two. Amy really caught my attention when she released this song and I'm hooked ever since. It's still my favorite track of hers.

Christina Aguilera

My personal favorite singer of all time and my favorite song of hers. It's not the teen pop Christina song and it sounds matured, raw and no gimmicks. A great anthem to believe in yourself. Always my favorite.

"Hey Ya!"

I've never found anybody who doesn't love this song. It's upbeat and fun and gave birth to the catchiest catchphrase: "shake it like a Polaroid picture"

"Crazy In Love"

I've to admit that the first time I heard this song, I was like, this is something I've never heard before and I'm hesitated. But after 2 or 3 spins, I'm like this is the song of 2003. Yes, it was her first single that catapulted the Beyonce we knew today: the ultimate entertainer.

Gnarls Barkley

I forget how I found out this one, but one thing for sure, this song is the ultimate song of the decade. It's 2006 and I was in the middle working on my yearbook. This song reminds me of my 'golden age', the time when I was really happy and enjoying my life. It has the element of old school (which I clearly love) and sense of irony (a depressing songs sung in a fashion of uplifting sounds). Crazy indeed.


So as for now, I'm looking forward what 2010 has in stores: new Christina record that I've been waiting my whole life and some more great tunes. I'm looking forward another decade of great songs.

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