Tuesday, December 1, 2009

That Girl Is A Monster

Last week, On Dec 2nd, I went to see Gaga's Monster Ball Tour and it's absolutely the best concert I've ever seen, so far. The wait was pain in the butt, but it was worthed. The show was spectacular.. and I picked the perfect date! it's extra special because it was the night Gaga go nominated for 5 Grammys! (that's the reason why she delayed the show)

The stage was simple, only have 3 giant monitors and a big lights framing the stages (and I think a treadmill track). I love the videos that shown throughout the shows.. it's artsy and weird and sick and fashion at the same time. Best Best Best show of the year!

I managed to took photos from my phone. It's pathetic but here they are!


QuirkyL4dy said...

love love love love love love!!!!!!

Damien said...

romansa jelek!