Thursday, December 10, 2009

Manhattan Weekends

Last Thanksgiving weekends were pretty great, we went to NYC to bought fabrics for my third design (I got 30 yards of fabrics, insanity). I actually went with a friend & my bro on this trip and it was pretty nice. Well, we good this good, small hotel on 23rd St and it has the nicest bed i've ever sleep on in years. Anyway, I met up with my friend, Rani in the hotel. I wished I could have more time but there's always next time! it was good to see her after quite a while.

Well, basically it's typical NY to do list: checked out the Fifth Ave, SoHo and stuffs. Oh! I got a nice winter coat from Topman, I've been thinking about getting a trench coat and I got what I like there. I also checked out SoHo's Dean & Deluca market; I literally wanna get everything from that stores! the cakes, the sea foods, every single thing there looks like a luxury items. (Thank God, I brought a luggage with me).

The first night on the town, my friend Jade brought us to this small yakitori shop. It's superb. I was hungry all day and the foods are so tasty, I wanna stuff my face with those foods. I ordered pork chasu with avocado, and some yakitori set and those are heaven on small, wooden japanese bowls. We actually wanted to get some desserts on Serendipity 3 later that night, but it was 2 hr waiting list and we decided to checked out Dylan's Candy Bar. The verdicts: Dylan's service was bad (we waited 20 mins for 2 frozen hot chocolate) and the desserts are FAILs.

And on Sunday, me and bro went to Bali Nusa Indah (Indo restaurant) for lunch and checked out SoHo. Here's the thing, somehow my great genius mind decided not to book the return ticket to Boston and the result is predictable: all the bus tickets to Boston were sold, even the train tickets. I literally could faint any time, but luckily we gambled to get on to the bus on Chinatown. We got on at 6.30 pm and we arrived in Boston at midnight. It was exhausting but relieving at the same time. I'm looking forward to go back to NYC soon!


Ingrid said...

December seems like one of the interesting months of the year! i so envy you, the varieties of food you have there and Gaga! haha, miss ya bud.

QuirkyL4dy said...

love love love love love love love hahahahhahahahaha min the food looks deli n yummy sexy food!!! hahahaha

Damien said...

@ ingrid: ever since i was a kid.. it's been a good month. but for me is like love-hate thing. Lol. who am i kidding?

@ sianny: i know!!! i was skeptic at first, but it turned out awesome