Tuesday, February 10, 2009



12.30 PM: Woke up. Checked iPods. Getting ready 4 school.

01.00 PM: In the shower

01.20 PM: Leakfast? Brunch? can't decide. (Went with oatmeals and a cookie)

02.04 PM: Class in Session (out at 3.10ish)

03.30 PM: Found out, Public Speaking got cancelled (Score!)

03.40 PM: Workout at a Gym (for the first time! since November 08!)

05.11 PM: Out of gym, went to various bookstores.

05.20 PM: Had dinner at Samurai Boston. Nice sushi! I believe sushi is the tastiest and chic-est food in the world. I ordered this sushi deluxe and some fusion roll and the squid salad is delish.

06.11 PM: Back at home!

07.00 PM: Watched 'United States of Tara' and 'Heroes' back2back.

08.56 PM: Typing this blog... and wondering what am I gonna do next. D

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