Monday, February 23, 2009

Sew Not Over

I'm so tired of this. Actually I'm not really good at sewing things but it's inevitable for my case. I have these fashion projects: an ensemble of blouse and pants, a non-textile design and an upcoming geometric design. I've been working on the Non-Textile for like, a week now. I've been going to school since friday.. yes, including weekends, and I have to stay very late (the latest one I had to stay was until 11.15 PM). Quite pain in the a@#.

But I'm so happy it's almost done, all I need is to shorten up the top, pinched a bit.. but the velcro.. and that's it. I was happy to see all the classmates also done with em. Can't wait for the fashion show. Now I need to relax today (after one helluva week) and takes everything slow.. one pattern at a time. :D

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