Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Power Of Madonna

So, after I watched last night's 'Glee' episode that dedicated to all things Madonna, I feel like I also want to weigh in (pretty much like everybody else in US right now).

The verdict: it's super brilliant! - I know I might sounds exagerating, but I feel like the episode lived up to the hype, that's been build up months prior the airing (13.5 million viewers can't go wrong). I love the fact there's moral in the episode, as well as beautifully made cover of Madonna number - and to be quite honest, some of the numbers are even better that the original Madonna's. I honestly never been so happy with 'Glee' songs since "Don't Stop Believin'"

So yeah, people basically been waiting for the musical numbers of Madonna songs and I think they deserves individual reviews.

"Express Yourself"
Love the outfits on the girls, the coreography was cool too, it's fun to see the Glee kids getting a little bit dirty and sexy and somehow they look grown up too. And on the personal note, I somehow can't take my eyes off Quinn. She's hot, that woman.

"Borderline/Open Your Heart"
The mash up number from Rachell and Finn is super catchy - beautifully mashed and sung too. I love the scene when they walked through the hallway with wind machine and in the background there's various girls with Madonna looks walking around, which I think its a fun little detail that made the number memorable.

"Like A Virgin"
This number is so memorable to me because the brilliant editing, coregraphed sexy bedroom moves (not that kind though) and the variety of the singers. In this one we see our Glee kids and Mr. Schue about doing the nasty to the song and for the first time we hear Santana sings and girl can sing. Though 'Virgin' is not my favorite Madonna song, I really love this rendition.

The ultimate reason why I wanna see the episode! - Sue Sylvester doing the Vogue video. This number is literally copy every single thing from the original video and it's dead on! I also love Kurt and Mercedes in it. The surprising thing out of this, is the fact that Sue can sing! And she didn't suck at all. She got me at 'Vogue'.

"4 Minutes"
I personally went crazy (in a very positive way) once the original song was released because it sounds amazing, danceable and it also another reincarnation of Madonna that I always looking forward to. But I have to admit this Kurt-Mercedes duet is a killer and combined with the marching band beats, this one is even better from the original one. Besides, in the scene, Mercedes rocked the Cheerios outfit! And so does Kurt. Fun!

"What It Feels Like For A Girl"
This is a case of a good irony: the song was originally sung by woman and it's about telling how hard being a girl and then in the episode this song was sung by the guys - and it sounds better. I've never really listened to the original song until that episode and it's my favorite song to sing for the last couple of days. Glee made it better.

"Like A Prayer"
The grand finale number for the episode and it's grand. I love the song since couple years ago and I think I prefer the original more than Glee version, although Mercedes gave it a very soulful touch that always sounds nice. Overall, a great choice for closing number.

So there you go, my reviews of the scenes and musical aspect of the episode. I been watched it 3 times sinceit aired yesterday and can't get over it! You guys have to download the songs cause all of em sounds awesome. Madonna works wonder.

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