Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dark Romance, Sweet Victory

So it's been a while since I post my entry about my life.. and for the first time ever, I think I can take a breather. Yes, last Saturday was the Fashion Show and it went pretty well, I guess. I'm so happy with the outcome and I'm happy that I made it to the show. I finally can reveal what the collection looks like and can't wait to share with all my friends and family.

I've been working on this collection since June 2009, I've been sketching throughout my summer holiday last year - and basically in my head there's this image of classic, sensual lacy dress (black) - the inspiration came from Italian style (think Dolce & Gabbana + vintage YSL). So basically I came up with three sketches of a top and a skirt, a set of top & harem pants and a wedding gown (I put em on my facebook, if you interested). So anyway, It grew from a collection of 3 into a collection of 7 pieces (which 3 of 'em involving knit materials and 1 jacket). The collection was pretty dark overall, very somber. I was in the mood for fall - this is my idea of fall: dark, cold and sensual (somehow). I also ended up directing the rest of the collection towards edgier side, which I like (I drew a lot of inspiration from McQueen, Alexander Wang & of course, Ghesquiere).

Now, the working hours. It was insane, I spent so much time outside classes (I believe it could be 30 hrs a week, includes weekends too) and the most memorable, to me, was from Thursday night until Saturday morning, April 10, the day of the show. So I went to the lab at 5.30 PM and stayed there and working non stop until the next Saturday morning at 4.30 AM. It was exhausting and I never had so many espresso in my life ever (thanks to Bianca & Juliet, :D), and I only managed to took a nap for only an hour! it was so sad but I listened to Nadya and it kinda helped me a bit. (Not to mention ciggy break, which super unhealthy but helped to take the edge off). It was exhausting but hanging around with friends made the tiredness went away.

The most stressful part was of course the fashion show it self. 5 hours before the show (the show is 1 PM), I was still putting the spikes onto the leotard (It fits my model perfectly, so hard work paid off) and I was a nervous wreck, so tired - super dizzy. Fast forward to the shows: Scene after scene was on and all of them looked awesome - but once they presented scene 6, I started to became nervous, and at backstage, nervous is an understatement. I was so nervous, as I dressed this one girl, I have to sew in some 'flaws' on the dress, so basically I sewn in the dress while the model was wearing it. Everything was blurry at that point and I also rushed into the backstage at the side, and waiting behind the curtain until I walked with my bride (Karrisa who did a great job) and took a final bow. Adrenaline rush! take a look! (btw, I took photos from other people uploads onto Facebook, since I couldn't get a chance to take any wonk wonk)

Overall, I'm so happy with the show, although it's not as exciting as last year to be honest, but for me it's the best so far - these are the garments I most proud of. The whole thing working on the garments for 48 hrs non stop, not sleeping was exhausting and almost making me having a nervous breakdown, but It was so much fun and I'd do it again. Knowing this show is my final show for Fisher, I'm getting a little bit nostalgic and absolutely gonna miss my friends, it's crazy cause it's like I signed up for another 7 sisters! lol. I'm also happy with my models, they're the best (I personally think so) and they're so reliable and accommodating as well, so I'm happy! Glad I made it through, and now I'm ready to share it with the world.

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