Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This month is both good and bad and a little ugly. I have (as well as the other students) to work on 2 other garments: pants and a geometric dress. It's kinda bad for me 'cause apparently, my spring break would not be too relaxing as it was last year. The other thing is, the ugly part, is that I have to fix my bloody paper dress. Sigh. I'm so tired on that one. Shorten it up, put black tapes all over it. Stitch up the skirt band (which is ridiculously hard). So much for my spring break, which brings me to the good part. You guessed it, Spring Break!

Anyway, get bored as usual (although I have plenty of assignments to keep me busy) but, I wanna post what's my current listening! Enjoy.

Katy Perry - "Thinking Of You"
A surprise for me, cuz I've never really love her song, but she got me with this one.

Daft Punk - "LV Spring '08 Fashion Show Mix"
Still in love with this one. My major source of inspiration!

Sara Barailles - "Gravity"
Good mellow song, good for showers too!

Girls Aloud - "The Loving Kind"
I know, sissy gay-ish song. But I love the ethereal disco theme. Whatever.

Ray LaMontagne - "You're The Best Thing"

I just love his vibe! Great James Morrison-esque type of track.

Madonna f/ Justin - "4 Minutes"
It's stuck in my head. Can't help it. Good workout song!

Anggun - "Still Reminds Me"
The only Indonesian artist that I respect. It's an old song, oldie but goodie.


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