Monday, January 12, 2009

Holiday Pounds

I admit it.. i gained a very big amount of pounds during holidays. I gained 12 pounds to be exact (8 kg).
I'm in a state of shock right now. I am. I'm sad and whatever.. but this time, the commitment thingy gotta be serious. I think that's my old-new resolution. Blah.

Ok.. so now.. talking bout pounds.. reminds me about the stuffs that I have to do now. This year, I've planned to move out to new apartment, buy a car.. apply some IDs.. and school projects. this year's gonna be a tough one. sigh.. o yeah, yesterday, i took my macbook to apple store cuz there's storage issue.. hardware and software issues as well. Then, I met up this technician and he suggested me to re-install the software. Little did i know, he installed a new OS! SO.. my macbook was upgraded from OSX Tiger to Leopard! o yeah! I'm stoked! :D

Ok.. back to me. I'm still in nocturnal mode.. thanks to my holidays (I went to SF.. and my sleeping time was messed up). I gotta go sleep now.. to get some ... i dk.. health? D

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