Monday, January 26, 2009

Heavy Rotation

Hi! Don't feel like updating the blog, but don't want to abandon it either. So, I came up with my current favorite songs! enjoy

Christina Aguilera
"Falling In Love Again"
U guys can listen to the song in this blog. I love the new direction the song takes! Christina (or shud we say, Christina version 4.0) is going for the electronic, futuristic element for the next record, which scheduled to be released this year! :D. Back to the song, it's actually a remake from an old song that originally sung by Marlene Dietrich and then covered by so many artists, including the great Billie Holiday. This song has this moody minimalistic electronica and.. very James Bond-ish (Aidee, u got it right!).

Kelly Clarkson
"My Life Would Suck Without You"
The original American Idol is back! "Since U Been Gone" was her signature song that brought us Kelly Clarkson, the rock star. Then, she came out last 2007 with moody rock album, which kinda brought her down. But this song, will bring Kelly back to her triumph! This Rock-pop song produced by Dr. Luke & Max Martin (Britney, Katy Perry) is the fresh song to start the '09.

Chris Brown
"With You"
The male version of 'Irreplaceable". Easy pop, guitar driven song that everyone can appreciate. In my case, I was a little late. Ha!

"A Cause De Garcons"
French revolution! yep, lately I really like French songs (only Anggun tho). But, this band has caught my attention. This techno-rock song is so fun! even tho I have no idea what the song's about. It's good for dancing, fashion show.. or even shower singing.

This one is really catchy. This heavily influenced by hip-hop song is really good for dance floor! I've been listening to this song since "I Am.. Sasha Fierce" came out. Actually this is my third favorite songs from the album ("Boy" and "Single Ladies" on no. 1 & 2). Actually beside the infectious beats, the video is the one makes this song even catchier. The video contains in-your-face couture styles.. with urban twists. In short.. Diva is here to stay.

There u have it. Have fun! Gong Xi2! :D
ps: I also added link to my Youtube page & checkout the videos!

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